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A story of Change and Transformation, Part I

Apr 30, 2020 – Luna Laysiepen, Growth team at HATCH

I am happy to say that as of April 1, 2020, I joined the Hatch Transformation Services team. Embarking on a Change & Digital Transformation journey can be exhilarating and exciting, but can also cause a lot of confusion and insecurity. Add to that the Corona crisis, and I have a full range of emotions and impressions to deal with. 

We often see wholesale sales teams going through ups and downs when moving through change such as a digital selling transformation. Where Change is situational, an event, external; Transformation is personal, psychological, internal. In the face of Change and Transformation, on a global scale and in your wholesale environment: How do you process the many stimuli and emotions that are unavoidably connected to them?

No one likes to go through change, and as change is an ever returning theme in our lives, we all must experience similar phases of change (e.g. the well-known Kübler-Ross model). That’s why I’d like to introduce four chapters from my personal Change & Transformation story to help guide you through it: Chapter 1. Double Whammy, discussing shock or surprise about a new situation; Chapter 2. “I will be fine”, about denial and (wrong) assumptions on how to best deal with that new situation; Chapter 3. Trial & error, testing the waters to see what works best; Chapter 4. Ready for lift-off, taking learnings and developing for the next level.

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1. Double Whammy

When I undergo Change such as a new job, there are many new things to discover about myself and my new environment. Expectations are high, especially that of myself. This can lead to dissonance between my assumptions of what the new situation could be like versus reality. Add to it a global health crisis and I have a Double Whammy of change, where my confidence takes a hit and something that should be exciting can turn into something scary.

2. “I will be fine”

To deal with these anxious feelings, I  try to rationalize the situation and even start resisting the Change. “I will not let this slow me down; I have to show them what I’m worth”. It is in this mental space where I have to craft my change mindset. A transformation of my true self will not simply happen because I want it to. It requires awareness and acceptance of the new situation, as well as adjusting to new habits. Remaining flexible and open-minded is paramount. At HATCH we like to call this process adopting a digital mindset.

3. Trial and error

In this phase, I have started to accept that my previous habits may not have the best outcome for my new surroundings. Now, I will need to find and create new behaviors that can yield the best possible results. This process is the fun part, where I put myself out there and try new things. There will be a lot of falling down, and a lot of getting back up on my feet. And it is also at this stage where I feel myself grow and improve-which, to me, is a great feeling. 

4. Ready for lift-off

Finally, I have gone through a roller coaster of emotions and have learned what works best for me in my new situation. To take it to the next level, it is essential that I search for the explanations behind why these new habits and behaviors work best. Once I find these, I can begin with adopting the new ways of working, with confidence. And as Ghandi once said, “become the change you want to see in the world”. 

What I have noticed in my story so far is that having a support system to guide and encourage me throughout the phases of change is a major contributor in undergoing change. Feeling understood and empowered and having a continuous dialogue about my transformation can be life savers

To be honest: I am currently in the midst of experiencing these phases myself – I’d say I am wrapping up chapter two and getting ready to start chapter three. It is amazing to experience first hand that adaptability, communication and trust are fundamental assets to making a change and (digital) transformation journey a successful one. 

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