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Level Up your Wholesale Appointment with Scaling and Product Videos

Aug 12, 2020 – Blaine Holt, Head of Product at HATCH

In a world of travel restrictions and lockdowns, digitizing fashion collections and conducting virtual wholesale appointments is the new norm. At HATCH we call this the Digitization & Virtualization of Wholesale Fashion and it is a hot topic for us to explore.

While engaging with brands and exploring this fresh challenge of virtual wholesale appointments, we asked ourselves:

‘How can we increase engagement with a digital assortment during a virtual wholesale appointment?’

At HATCH we are launching two game changers to our Digital Showroom platform. And with these improvements, we are providing Sales Associates with even more ‘Story Selling’ powers in their virtual wholesale appointments: Scaling and Product Videos.

Create Hero Assortments with Scaling

We digitized the traditional assortment lay-downs, but in a new ‘virtual’ world, we needed to go a step further. We needed to  supercharge virtual wholesale appointments for Sales Associates and stand out from the crowd of boring VC meetings.

Sales teams can now create hero assortments with scaling and unlock new forms of creativity when composing an assortment for your customer. They can let key products take center stage by scaling them up, or provide subtle references to their story by scaling them down. The choice is theirs!

Bringing Products to life with Videos

In a now sample-less world, Sales teams need more than still images to bring a product to life for a customer, especially with Showrooms closed and virtual wholesale appointments now being the norm. This is why we are introducing Product Videos to our Product Detail Page.

Brands can not only show a full 360-view of the product, but can also showcase products in motion and give buyers product information that only video can. Want to showcase fabric weight and stretch without the sample? Looking to share new fabric technology that makes this product a “Must Have!” for consumers? All of this can be accomplished through Product Videos in the HATCH Digital Showroom.   

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