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Feb 5, 2021 – Álvaro Pin, head of growth. 

If 2020 was the year where the business world turned remote, 2021 is expected to become the year where hybrid policies will set its roots. With flexibility on the rise, experts warn the lack of certain boundaries can have a serious impact on our motivation and productivity. A recent study by UC Berkeley and Asana shows that, despite efforts by brands and governments to bring balance, professionals are working 2 hours later every day. The same study uncovers that most of our time is spent on "coordinating work", leaving little room for meaningful work in our agenda. 

Remote sales starter tips

In this new paradigm, most of our organic conversations at the office happen via video conferencing today. Because of this, calendars are filling up with more unnecessary meetings than before. Ultimately, when we really need to meet with someone, our mind isn't always there with us. "Zoom fatigue" is not just a buzz term, but a consequence of the saturation of video calls we have each day. For wholesale brands in fashion, remote sessions are a lifeline to keep the business afloat. While B2B platforms enable small and medium retailers to place orders themselves, key accounts often need more guidance to navigate bigger assortments and larger buys. How can sales people keep the energy up across a screen? Moreover, how can buyers stay engaged with your brand in a sea of digital line-sheets and remote appointments? We listed 3 expert tips for remote sales. 

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Start with the right foot, hand...face?

Good preparation is synonymous for a great digital sales meeting. Just like presenting on stage or meeting with people in a meeting room, engaging with people is a combination of mindset, skillset and toolset. Communicating via a screen also brings new challenges to how to engage with others. We asked Margreet Jacobs, founder of Stage Heroes, for advice in outlining what works to get customers excited about their next digital sales meeting. Here's what she said:

There are many things you can do in preparation for a digital appointment. Each one of us may have different techniques. No matter what you choose to do, the goal should be to get your customers excited about the brand, the new collection, and make them feel special about it. Here are a few examples on how you could do that:

  1. Send an email beforehand. Tell them how excited you are for your next appointment. Whenever possible, give them a sneak peek of the collection to get them in the mood for your meeting!

  2. Tired of email? Make a video instead. Share a 15-second video explaining what to expect and share your excitement before the start can feel more personal and get them more excited about it.

  3. Personalize whenever you can to make it feel the appointment is made for them. For instance, add a cover picture while they wait including their brand and their name so they know there's someone that cares for them on the other end preparing.

The more human we are, the better we communicate. There are so many technologies out there helping us "connect" with each other we sometimes forget we are the ones communicating, not these tools. Technology should enable our interactions, not replace them.

Going digital in wholesale should not be limited to choosing technology, but instead understand the new opportunities it brings to sales teams and buyers. Bringing emotion and data together will make your wholesale journey engaging and efficient, translating in better sales in less time. How's your brand tackling remote sales? 

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