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get ready to sell remotely


This past year has been all about change. Digital sales tools have shot up left right and center over the past few months. Digital showrooms in fashion have become extremely popular almost overnight. 

In early 2020, the pandemic turned the entire world upside down. Factories halted operations globally, leaving most (footwear) brands such as Havaianas with a pretty dire situation on their hands. 

While lockdown measures made it impossible for fashion buyers to visit physical showrooms, brands had to adapt quickly. Finding new ways of working to safeguard their business future. This forced most sales people to go remote using new digital tools almost overnight and do a complete 180 when it comes to the way they sell. Without a doubt, a radical shift like this comes with a lot of questions. “How do I keep people engaged through a screen?”, “How does one sell without samples?” 

Merel Werners Quote Havaianas

With a new season just around the corner, the team had 8 weeks(!!!) to make a decision and implement a new sales tool.

Digital Transformation? is actually Human Transformation

Onboarding 100 users in under 8 weeks across Europe isn’t easy, even in the best of times. So how did we manage to do it with Havaianas? By putting their teams first. Together with their product and sales teams, we managed to design a plan to get everyone on board and excited. Here's how.

The 5 (human) ingredients of a quick and successful onboarding

The 5 (human) ingredients of a quick and successful onboarding

1. Get excited

Isn’t everything just a lot easier when you like it? When you’re truly excited about a new adventure (in this case a sales tool) the rest of the process comes a lot more naturally. Therefore it is important to go in with an open mind and be wow-ed, see what the possibilities are, and how a new tool can relieve you from so much repetitive and administrative work. A tool leaving you with more time for the fun bits, how great is that! 

2. Break it up into digestible bites

Before you start, realize that the more digestible you make it for yourself, the earlier you will experience true value. Don't be overwhelmed, as this can be a dealbreaker when there are time restraints. Also, embrace the ‘room for failures’ mindset: when there’s no time, it’s all about getting up to speed quickly and learning from that first experience how you can improve for the next time. 

3. Get familiar & build confidence

It might sound trite, but the proof is really in trial and error!/ the eating of the pudding! learning by doing - just

dive in and try (and play). Especially when you are short on time, spend time where it’s most needed; on topics that can actually add to the buying experience - such as: how to present confidently in the digital showroom, how to create inspiring assortments, or how to engage with your customers remotely. 

4. Learn from colleagues

Every salesperson has their own way of working, their own way of building presentations and telling a story. They have individual flows and their own creativity. Thankfully, the digital showroom allows for us to quickly copy presentations from others - so it’s an effortless way to gather inspiration from each other's work.

5. Learn together with your customer

Prepare as best you can, but ensure your customer feels like they are part of this journey of learning how to work digitally together. If they feel that they are also part of the learning, they are more likely to become invested in working this way long term. 

These are the ingredients to create magic when onboarding a new sales tool. But as any good chef knows: ingredients alone, does not a great dish make. So for Havaianas we took these ingredients, put on our chef's aprons, and used them to create an onboarding journey tailored to their needs.

Curious to learn about this onboarding journey? Have a look at Havaianas' successes after their first season of digital selling in our Havaianas Case Study.