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Storytelling can have a huge impact on wholesale sales in fashion, so here's an intro to (digital) Storytelling! Storytelling in B2B fashion is the art of telling the right story at the right moment to captivate your customer, so they remember, connect with, and perceive the benefits of what you are selling. 

The power of storytelling

Storytelling is extremely popular at the moment and not without reason. When we tell and hear stories, our brains are more active than when we’re just listening to a list of facts. When we listen to a story our brains produce smell, sound, and emotions in our mind. And that activates our memory.

Good storytelling can generate buy-in too. It makes us feel invested in something and for B2B sales this means customers can become ambassadors of the story you want to tell. Great stories invite to be shared. At scale, this word of mouth is critical for brand building and consistency, particularly for businesses that work in multiple channels like wholesale.

digital storytelling benefits for b2b wholesale brands

#1 More aligned buys across customers and regions

By focusing on the story, people will buy-in on the story rather than the individual products. This results in more aligned buys across customers leading to fewer constraints to the supply chain process downstream. 

#2 sales teams are No longer dependent on samples

Make samples an asset in your story, not the driver. When you sell collections based on a story, you can critically think about sampling what’s part of your key story, positioning those products more strongly, and unlocking real reduction in sample production costs and waste.

#3 Increase productivity per sku

Build seasonal collections for value, not volume. When you focus on providing a story, productivity per option will increase and you can decrease your option count per season. Instead of offering 300 shorts with no clear selling points, focus on offering 150 with a clear story. Less is more. 

What are the benefits of storytelling for fashion brands in wholesale?

If your collection story is on point, customers align more with your proposals, leading to more synergies across regions and a better representation of your brand for consumers in the world. Story-driven sales can also strengthen the collaboration between sales, marketing, and merchandising as it forces them to make decisions earlier in the calendar. More alignment, consistency, and collaboration. Seems like a win all around right?!